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Places to Visit in Chicago
Chicago is one of the great American cities Chicago is known as the windy city

Back-to-School: New KidRex™ Search Engine Provides Hassle-Free Way to Keep Kids Safe Online
New KidRex™ search engine () powered by Google Custom Search™ provides hassle-free way to keep kids safe online by blocking sexually explicit content, while emphasizing kid-related webpages from across the entire web - all through its hand drawn, crayon interface.

Make Dinosaurs in a Dish Garden
These little dinosaurs are easy to make and lots of fun to play with, especially when you plant them a grassy, green environment of their very own. At the Bockler house, Mom Tracy says she "will probably have herds of dinosaurs very soon" based on the level of enthusiasm shown by her son, Christian (7 1/2). The LaClair family reported planting grass on a Saturday and having it sprout by Wednesday. All three children agreed the "the dinosaurs look really cool in the grass."

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